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The IWPCPS©-17 session topics are:

  • Crystallization and Form Screening
  • Amorphous Pharmaceutical Material
  • Cocrystals – Design, Discovery, Characterization and Regulatory Landscape
  • Solid-State Degradation of API in Formulation
  • Inhalation Of Powders From A Solid State Point Of View
  • Biophysical Characterization of Peptides and Proteins
  • And Others


The International Workshops on Physical Characterization of Pharmaceutical Solids celebrates its seventeenth workshop. It was held

2000 and 2001 in Lancaster PA, USA
2003 in Oxford, UK
2004 in Stamford, CT, USA
2004 in Ettlingen, Germany
2005 in Kona, Hawaii, USA
2006 in Rhodes, Greece
2007 in Boston, MA, USA
2008 in Bamberg, Germany
2009 in Stamford, CT, USA
2010 in Lille, France
2011 in Indianapolis, IN, USA
2012 in Barcelona, Spain
2013 in Philadelphia, PA, USA
2014 in Prague, Czech Republic

The workshop will allow you to learn in a relaxed environment about in-depth understanding of state-of-the-art physical characterization of pharmaceutical solids.

The program is intended to benefit scientists and researchers in the areas of drug discovery, preformulation, formulation, stability testing, product development, product quality control, and analytical services.

Workshop participants will be exposed to several analytical approaches of characterizing a solid. They will learn how these approaches can complement each other and may be utilized individually or in concert in the solution of real problems in pharmaceutical development and solid-state chemistry.


The workshop will combine information about modern laboratory techniques to solve pharmaceutical problems and teaching about solid state characterization of pharmaceuticals. It will offer fundamental approaches as well as up-to-date technical information and future outlooks. Participants will have the opportunity to extensively network.

Who should attend?
The workshop is designed for scientists, formulators and regulatory personnel from the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Research and Development
  • Ethical and Generic Pharmaceutical Production
  • Excipient/Chemicals Production
  • Veterinary Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Compounding Pharmacists
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Academia
  • Analytical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Analytical Laboratories

Location, Date, and Accommodations

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Dates: June 6 to 9, 2016

St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Please book your room at the conference hotel as soon as possible since space is limited.


We would like to encourage the participants to make a room reservation before April 1, 2016 since the reserved Hotel room block is limited. Please register to the workshop as early as possible with the online registration form for the IWPCPS-17.

Seminars (Short Courses)

We are offering specialized Seminars, previously known as "short courses".

The participation is free of charge.

You can sign up to the following seminars:

Coming Soon

Scientific Organizing Committee

Dr. Angeline Rehfeldt
assainternational®, USA

Dr. Thomas Rades
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Paul Luner
Boehringer-Ingelheim, USA

Dr. Korbinian Loebmann
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr. Teresa Carvajal
Purdue University, USA

Dr. Norbert Nagel
Sanofi, Germany

Analytical Instrumentation Exhibition

A four-day commercial exhibition of analytical instrumentation is planned. Interested vendors are encouraged to reserve space now.

For more information please contact assainternational®.


Corporations and manufacturers of analytical equipment are welcome to sponsor this unique workshop. Four levels of sponsorship are available

For more information please contact assainternational®.


Oral presentations will last 25 minutes including 5 minutes of discussion. At the end of each session will be a 30 minutes round table discussion.

assa reserves the right to change the faculty and agenda to accommodate situations beyond its control.