assa International IWPCPS©-17 Workshop June 6 in St. Augustine, Florida, USA

IWPCPS© Information

The IWPCPS-17 has been canceled due to unexpected circumstances.


assainternational® was established in 1999 as a think tank and analytical resource to the pharmaceutical industry. Our mission is to offer international expertise in the many facets of solid-state characterization of pharmaceutical solids. As well as being a valued independent resource, we offer a variety of services that support the most current and up-to-date developments, innovations and technology.
We offer outstanding analytical and educational services to the pharmaceutical industry. assa® is a world-wide known organizer of the International Workshop on Solid-State Characterization of Pharmaceutical Solids (IWPCPS®).
Please contact assa for information about timing and locations

  • Workshops
    assa® offers outstanding workshops and conferences on solid-state characterization of pharmaceutical material. The International Workshop on Solid-State Characterization of Pharmaceutical Solids (IWPCPS®) is known worldwide as the most comprehensive and up-to-date workshop of it’s kind. Workshop participants are exposed to several analytical approaches of characterizing a solid. They learn how these approaches can compliment each other and may be utilized individually or in concert in the solution of real problems in pharmaceutical development and solid-state chemistry.

  • Courses
    We offer our training courses in several analytical techniques used for pharmaceutical material characterization. The courses are fully customized to our client’s needs and are held at our client’s work place

  • Analytical Services
    assa® offers physical characterization of active pharmaceutical Ingredients, Excipients, and Drug Products. We specialize in polymorph/solvate screening and solid-state analytical techniques such as XRPD, mircoscopy, thermal analysis and spectroscopic methods.

  • International Resources
    Are you looking for a new analytical instrument? Check on our website under “International Resources”. Analytical instrument manufacturers who cater to the pharmaceutical industry publish their online links on our website with a short description of their offerings and contact information.

    assa® also offers information about interesting conferences and currenttrade literature.

  • Intellectual Property Support
    Protecting intellectual property rights is one of the most critical tasks in pharmaceutical R&D.

    assa® assists with:

    • Legal Patent Opinion

    • Patent Review and Patent Drafting

    • Literature Search

  • International Business Services
    With a combined 60 years of experience, assa® offers support for scientific marketing and sales to the pharmaceutical industry. Whether your company isa producer, researcher, laboratory or educator, assa® can provide targeted support in all areas of product development, marketing, creative and promotion.

    We assist with:

    • Marketing, sales and creative support for start-up businesses

    • Business opportunity evaluations

    • PR support

    • Equipment sourcing through competitive shopping

    • HR support with complete organization of small to mid-size scientific meetings.